Wound Care

In-Home Wound Care Services

Our in-home wound care services aim to provide convenient and efficient care for post-surgery patients or Bedridden patients who carry Pressure Injury etc., helping them recover comfortably at home. Our services are provided by experienced registered nurses, ensuring that each client receives professional care.

Wound Care Assessment

Initial Assessment: Understand the client's overall health status and surgical history.

Wound Examination: Conduct a detailed examination of the wound, including size, depth, and infection status.

Post-Surgical Wound Care

Cleaning and Disinfection: Use sterile techniques to clean the wound and prevent infection.

Dressing Changes: Select and apply appropriate wound dressings based on the wound type and healing progress.

Monitoring Healing Progress: Regularly check the wound's healing status and adjust the care plan as needed.

Professional Care Team

Our registered nurses have extensive clinical experience and can handle various types of wounds, including but not limited to:

Surgical Wounds: Post-surgery wounds, incisions, and drainage sites.

Pressure Ulcers: Skin damage caused by prolonged bed rest.

Neuropathic Ulcers or Diabetic Wounds: Complex wounds caused by chronic diseases.

Poorly Healing or Slow-Healing Wounds: Difficult-to-heal wounds requiring special care.

Acute Wounds: Skin tears, lacerations, cuts, abrasions, or other traumatic wounds.

Personalized Care Plans

Health Guidance

Dietary Advice: Provide nutritional guidance to help clients promote wound healing through diet.

Lifestyle Advice: Offer recommendations on daily activities and rest to help clients recover better.

Psychological Support

Emotional Support: Help clients cope with the emotional and psychological stress following surgery.

Family Education: Educate family members on how to properly care for the patient, reducing their caregiving burden.


Convenience: Our nurses provide in-home services, allowing clients to receive professional care without leaving their home.

Comfort: Receiving care at home allows clients to recover better in a familiar environment.

Professionalism: High-quality care provided by experienced registered nurses ensures quick wound healing.


Through these specific and professional care measures, we are dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, and caring environment for our clients, helping them recover smoothly and improve their quality of life.