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Importance of Nursing in Home Care Services

In our home care services, nursing is the core and key component. Our professional nursing team not only provides high-quality medical and daily living care for clients but also helps them achieve optimal recovery in the comfort of their homes through personalized care plans.

Why prioritize nurses? Aren't healthcare assistants or healthcare workers sufficient? 



Professional Medical Knowledge and Skills

Nurses undergo systematic medical education and professional training, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to handle complex medical issues. For example, nurses can perform wound care, medication management, health monitoring, and emergency response, tasks that caregivers cannot perform.

Medication Management

Elderly clients often need to take multiple medications. Nurses can help clients organize and supervise the intake of various medications, ensuring they are taken on time and in the correct dosage, avoiding medication errors and interactions.

Health Assessment and Monitoring

Nurses can conduct comprehensive health assessments and monitoring, identifying potential health issues such as pressure injuries, fall risks, and malnutrition, and taking timely interventions.

Personalized Care Plans

Nurses can develop personalized care plans based on each client's specific situation and needs, providing professional medical care and rehabilitation guidance, while caregivers are generally limited to basic daily living support.

Emergency Handling

In the event of sudden health problems, nurses can quickly assess the situation and take appropriate medical measures to ensure the client's safety and health, a capability that caregivers usually lack.

Feedback from Clients and Families 

Clients and their families have highly praised our nursing services. They believe that our nursing staff is not only professional but also compassionate, providing thoughtful care and alleviating their caregiving burdens.

Client Feedback「The nursing staff is very professional, making me feel very safe at home.」

Family Feedback「The nursing services benefit our entire family, reducing our caregiving burden.」

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Through these specific and professional nursing measures, we are committed to providing clients with a safe, comfortable, and caring environment, helping them recover smoothly and improve their quality of life. Nursing plays a crucial role in home care services, providing high-quality medical and daily living care for clients and helping them achieve optimal recovery at home through personalized care plans.